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Life Insurance for Your Needs

Life Changes Quickly

Most people understand the simple basics of life insurance~when you die, your family gets money. But is that it? While it might be a large factor, there are many types of life insurance and each one carries advantages designed to fit your lifestyle. Yes, that’s right~married, single, young, in your prime, wealthy, middle class, or just getting by, there is a life insurance option for you.

And, you do need it…

What are the benefits of term life insurance?

  • Typically, it’s a lower cost
  • Easier to understand – it’s a simple insurance product
  • After the first year, you can convert it to a permanent policy

What are the benefits of permanent or whole life insurance?

  • It’s permanent life insurance
  • It’s an important savings element known as ‘cash value’ that you can take out or borrow against
  • It provides tax-advantaged estate planning benefits

It’s okay if you don’t know which type is right for you! You need life insurance that fits your life – Marcus and his team will help. Questions? It costs you nothing to have them take a look. Call them today at 248-464-8749. 

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    Whatever your insurance needs are, we can help you make the best decision. Questions? Call us today at 248-464-8749.

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